So, Why Would I need a Website.

Its a way for you to tell the world what you have to offer.   Why should they choose you ?  What makes your services stand out above the rest.  Lets take a look at how websites and e-commerce have evolved and why if you are not in the game, you could be missing out on a large customer base.


The first workable prototype of the Internet came in the late 1960s with the creation of ARPANET, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. Originally funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, ARPANET used packet switching to allow multiple computers to communicate on a single network.

Dial-up. Pipex was established in 1990 and began providing dial-up Internet access in March 1992, the UK's first commercial Internet provider. By November 1993 Pipex provided Internet service to 150 customer sites.

1996 Google First Developed, Registered in 1997 and released in 1998

 The first Google index has 26 million Web pages.

Google’s index of the Web reaches the one-billion mark.

Google’s index of the web consists of one-trillion unique URLs.


1996 - 1998

Annual e-commerce sales top $1 trillion worldwide for the first time.

Annual Worldwide E-Commerce Valued At $1.36 Trillion
Annual Worldwide E-Commerce Valued At $1.8 Trillion
Annual Worldwide E-Commerce Valued At $2.32 Trillion
Annual Worldwide E-Commerce Estimated Value At $2.91 Trillion by the end of 2020

There is no doubt, that the retail industry has taken a major turn.  


Despite the increase in internet activity and the ability to purchase more services and goods online, but more importantly, the impact of Covid-19.  


During the lock down, the increase of online shopping increased dramatically.  Forcing more retail businesses to move their business from a physical address to online stores.

It was a major turning point as more businesses turned away from offices to online work spaces.  Removing overhead costs of renting office spaces and physical stores to online stores, which reduced their overheads dramatically.

As technology and industries change and adjust to the way our society is changing, investing in a website has now become an even more valuable asset in promoting or advertising your business.

A business is considered more professional and viable if the company has site that tells the consumer who they are.  Imagine an online catalogue of every service and business around.... Yes, we know, this used to be the yellow pages.  But unlike those days, the technology was not around to add as much content as you want.  Inticising potential customers to use your services.  Displaying customer reviews.  

The ability to communicate with the world has become a condensed advertising spectrum.  Social media pages, video content such as Youtube, and much more.

Still think whether you need a website...

For every advert you place in the paper or a magazine, how limited is the content that you can say about your company ?
Imagine unlimited pages, images, videos and the ability to tell your story of your business.
You have to ask yourself.  Ok, I have a business, but what is the point of having a business if no one knows that it exists.
From £299 and Free Interest Payments for 6 months. What amount of advertising could you get for this amount.
It is estimated that the total e-commerce value by the end of 2021 will be a staggering $3.56 trillion.  By 2023, this would have almost have doubled to just over $6 trillion.
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