Maintenance Subscription from £71.50 per month.

Creating a website is just the start.  To keep a great website going, it needs care and attention, just like any machine that needs maintenance to keep up to optimum performance.

Continual Updates

We know that at times, your site will need adjustment.


You may want to make changes to the site.  Add a new menu, a promotional page or even a popup with sales or discount offers for your store.

That's why we offer our service of updating your site with new images, pages or content for no extra charge and is all part of the maintenance service.

Weekly Traffic Reports

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You'll want to know how your site is doing.  What areas are more successful, desktop or mobile viewing.  How many have viewed your site, how long have they stayed on your site.  What country shows the most views.  Your biggest sellers.  Basically, traffic analysis.  Each week, you will receive a report page showing you all  the information about the traffic to your site.  

Most companies find this a great way to forecast sales, marketing strategies or offers.

A power tool that will help you to make the right choices in funnelling traffic to your site.

Top of the List

Your site is up and running.  


There will be hundreds, possibly thousands of key words which helps search engines to determine if your page is correct for the person who is searching for a particular site.  


Everyone wants to see their webpage listed at the top of any search engine as  90%  of searches made, the first link at the top is more likely to be clicked on.  

This is known as SEO (Search engine optimization).  


The process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

As part of our maintenance, we aim to keep updating all of these to keep your sites position at the top of the list.

Customer Service without the Complicated Jargon

Customer service is our main priority.  


Our Abode is directed to offer unlimited support for your site.  


Once your site is built, we don't stop there.


We know that this technology is constantly adapting every day.  It can be hard to keep up with all the new changes put in place.  

We don't believe in throwing jargon or abbreviations around, confusing those who simply are not within the same field.


Some companies will blind some with specifications and science, that just means nothing.

Our Abode have a team of experts that are able to translate the sometime complicated terms into a language that is easy for all to understand.

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Web packages without the maintenance ?

Its Cool and not a problem that not everyone will need the support or help to maintain their website.  

Once your site has been built for you.  


We will transfer the site over.  


You will just need to carry on the monthly charge for hosting of the site (location of where the content is stored on the servers).  Domains created (if new) and also the email G-Suite, if required.

It's as simple as that.