Data Storage

Everything used in the digital society today is all based down to one thing.... Data. 


Data flow, data storage, data transmission rates, everything.  


It is no different to when we show are work on the web.  

All of the information is down to the amount of storage and file size that our work amounts to.


Our packages are analysed on the amount of content that we think would be required for the website in mind.  Thus never charging more for unused storage.

Size that Matters

Our storage data size is set simply on the kind of content your site will need.

Those with just images and a few pages, with limited video.

Those that require most extensive content on their site, such as E-Commerce.  Listing products, using a collection of images.  Plus the use of video and audio interaction to demand more storage.

Our various sizes depict on the kind of data storage that may be required for various media.