Pictures tell a 1000 words, so they say.  So why display them in a condition that doesnt prove this.

Our pictures are amazing.  We try to capture the same frame as our eyes see.  Times we look at being artistic with these.  Various shutter effects to capture ray tracing, bluring, depth of field and so on.  Luckily though, with the age of digital media, the tools are around where we can make these adjustments into the output we intended.

Each project undergoes a structured phase that outlines the progression and tasks to make sure we give you a transformed piece to show off or treasure.

Our areas are broken into 3 main areas of Creation, Editing, and Manipulation.

Image Manipulation

Photos can be affected by all kinds of conditions.  We try so hard to keep them at their optimum condition.  Though, such elements will always degrade them over time, sometimes making it hard to appreciate them when new.

By Manipulation, here we are changing the elements that appear in the frame.  Although we are editing here in some aspect, the manipulation is from us changing the element of the image that is presented to us by removing dust, scratches or other elements that affect the out come we are looking for.

Using the latest imaging techniques.  We can restore old photos back to their original condition.  The tools used can mean rebuilding the image from damages such as markings, scratches or dust.  By scanning in the image at extremely high resolutions, breaking down the image into various layers.  We can run specific software to detect elements of the image that has degraded over time.

Once we have determined the source, this is when the magic happens and transform this into an improved remake.

An old photo of a service man during the Second World War.  Over time, the photo had taken some stress and began to break down in areas of the image.  Our processed involved bringing the image into our systems, scanned at an extreme resolution.  

Through various processes, we had to remove defected particles from the image and after some correctional processes in adjustments to the clarity, we started to build on the photo.  Our artists redrew the areas where areas of the photo was damaged.  

Using carefully selected tones, brushes and textues, the image was rebuilt pixel by pixel.  

BeforePaper 01Resto%20with%20Old%20Grunge%20PaperFinal 01

Our Artists can transpose your images to various effects or artistic paintings.

As below, a before and after of an adorable cat called Lilly transformed from a photo to a water colour painting.


Lilly in Watercolour

Add life to your masterpiece

Take your masterpiece and transport it to a timeless piece.

Enhance aspects of your photo that you didnt know had hidden detail in.

With Photo Editing, we are able to uncover hidden detail that may have otherwise been hidden with darker areas of the image.  Digital Images come in various formats, either from scanned images to those imported straight from a digital camera.  Raw image formats are concidered better formats to hold more detailed pixel information than others.  This would account for their large file size. With these file types, we can extract details of the image hidden within the pixel information that may be unnoticable to the naked eye.

JB 7073

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Embrace the memories.

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